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The world is moving at an ever faster pace and uncertainty in business is a daily reality.

Organisations are complex,  change in one part of the organisation can impact other areas, often in unpredictable ways.

Leaders today have to manage this complex scenario. The reality of two leaders in the same organisation can often be quite different.

Layer on the additional challenge of leading in an increasingly multicultural landscape and it's apparent that leaders' experiences can be quite unique…… and that can be isolating.

Coaching works at the level of the individual leader. Coaching supports leaders through key times of transition to deal with their individual challenges with real time,  hands on support. 

Coaching provides confidential safe space for leaders to consider their options, identify how their actions are impacting their team and plot their course.

'I am at a cross road in my career and would like some support to decide on my next move' 

'I am starting in a new more challenging role. I am facing new scenarios I have not had to deal with before'

'I am returning to work after maternity leave and have lost some confidence. I would like someone to support me in the transition back to work.' 

'I want to progress in my career and need to develop my management skills to move to the next level'

'I keep hitting the same issues despite changing role - I would like to explore what part I am playing in these recurring patterns and how I can change the outcomes.' 

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often its hard to see your value...but others can

My approach to coaching 

I am a very firm believer that everyone brings a unique perspective and talent to the workplace. Helping people find their motivation and where best to use it is what motivates me.


Often it’s hard to see our own value, but others can. When I work with clients I have only their interest at heart. In this uniquely safe environment we identify your unique strengths and can explore opportunities for the future.


This does mean we identify areas of struggle. I don’t believe in backing away from these. By encouraging you to pause and look at your blind spots, you can identify not only your areas of differentiation and strength, the foundation for growth ….. but also what may be holding you back from the progress you want to make.

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Originally trained as an fmcg brand marketer I have spent over thirty years as an international marketing consultant helping large blue chip organisations drive growth through innovation, portfolio optimisation and brand development.

I have worked in a variety of roles – as an agency founder and managing director, as an associate, team leader and team player.

Having lived in over five countries whilst juggling working life, cultural transitioning  and motherhood, I bring to my coaching a deep understanding of managing the realities of todays complex life choices.

Over the last fifteen years I have transitioned to increasingly work with the challenges of leadership and team dynamics, with extensive experience in facilitation, coaching and intercultural dynamics.

About me



BA (Hons) Business Studies

Postgraduate Diploma Performance Psychology & Counselling

Hofstede Accredited Intercultural Trainer 

Masters in Executive Coaching

Ashridge Business School - in progress



In todays multicultural environment ...awareness of the impact of cultures on working practices and theability to adapt your management style across borders is essential 

leading in todays multicultural environment

In a world where crossing borders and managing multicultural teams becomes routine, cultural competence is a vitally important, but often overlooked (or misunderstood) aptitude and skill.

Having trained and consulted in the field of intercultural dynamics for over ten years I bring a unique perspective to my coaching – a cultural lens.

I help leaders understand the impact that culture has on working practices and how they need to adapt their working and leadership styles as they work with different cultures.

In addition to bringing a broad cultural understanding to the coaching process I can also support leaders and their teams in building intercultural awareness and competencies

FREE explore session

30 minute session on zoom to meet and explore your goals for coaching 




Individual coaching session, face to face or via zoom

team facilitation

Facilitation of team meetings to improve team dynamics and performance


Intercultural awareness training programmes for teams: 

1/2 day, 1 day & 2 days  

bespoke programs 

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